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Updated 2/1/19

"Stranger Things" streaming everywhere now!

Journal from the Road: SCA on the 2018

Vans Warped Tour feat. Survival Kit, Makeout, and His Dream of Lions

"Anthemic...Intense and Precise...Gets me on my feet...Beyond excited to see what's in the future for Survival Kit" - RMP Magazine


Short and sweet. Live to play. Play to eat. Survival Kit came together at the beginning of 2016. The first songs that Travis & Andrew wrote with each other were compiled on an EP called Hard Work & Dedication. It pays homage to our roots in punk rock and a foot forward toward a fruitful career in alternative rock.  The 2017 single, "Stranger Things" was a major success and has brought thousands of listens from all over the world on several streaming platforms. With over 3,000 subscribers on YouTube, we decided to go out and meet our fans and friends at the final Vans Warped Tour in 2018. This adventure led us to performing at 12 of the final dates and putting over 35,000 flyers in the hands of new friends across the country.